purchase/stream/download at links below. new non-album tracks are posted at 

NEW DOG/Teeth Marks (March 4, 2016)
Teeth Marks

NEW DOG/Classic Ballroom Dances (June 2nd, 2015, Kill Rock Stars and Lokal Rekorc)
Classic Ballroom Dances

NEW DOG/Lost Weekend (November 2013, Self-Released)
Lost Weekend

TRAVELS/7″ and EP (December 2011, Self-Released)
7″ and EP

TRAVELS/Robber on the Run (July 2010, Own Records)
Robber on the Run

TRAVELS/The Hot Summer (February 2009, Self-Released)
The Hot Summer

TRAVELS/S/T (November 2007, Self-Released)

METAL HEARTS/Socialize (February 2006, Suicide Squeeze Records)
link & stream to come

METAL HEARTS/Escapists (March 2005)
link & stream to come


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