eight weeks and 118 emails later, the first New Dog European tour has finally come together (almost). 20 shows in 20 days. The old bands always had someone arranging them for us, so this will be the first truly DIY tour–all thanks to old friends and soon to be new ones. Speaking of friends, I’ll be joined by James Lynch–not the guitarist from dropkick murphys–on guitar and keys, and we’ll be playing songs from the new album, & a few surprises, including this new tune, so that’s not a surprise anymore i guess: http://newdog.bandcamp.com/track/family-tree-demo
but before we head out we’ll be playing the set at MIT’s Act Cube, a little blackbox theater downstairs from the List Visual Arts center, on January 9th. It’ll be the first New Dog show, so come out and pray that we both play the same songs at the same time:
here’s the poster for the tour:
new dog_tour poster_with dates_A3 size