The first solo record is up for pre-order. You can stream a few tracks and order it at the bandcamp: I have a very limited print-run of this one, with some surreal cover art from the artist Vasilios Paspalis.

The reviews aren’t in yet, but one kind blogger writes, “Smoking In The Living Room weaves finger-picked guitars, a simple metronomic beat and tinkling piano into a soft tapestry of sounds that dissipates as quickly as it takes shape. Slow Drifting bounces around a pokey rhythm with a playing style more attuned to acoustic blues before coalescing around some big melodic chords in the song’s final minute… Badalov still possesses great facility in building music centered around an entrancing, meditative core.”

I’m really proud of this one, and hope you’ll enjoy it, too–preferably late at night, in the dark.

Thanks as always for the support.