eight weeks and 118 emails later, the first New Dog European tour has finally come together (almost). 20 shows in 20 days. The old bands always had someone arranging them for us, so this will be the first truly DIY tour–all thanks to old friends and soon to be new ones. Speaking of friends, I’ll be joined by James Lynch–not the guitarist from dropkick murphys–on guitar and keys, and we’ll be playing songs from the new album, & a few surprises, including this new tune, so that’s not a surprise anymore i guess: http://newdog.bandcamp.com/track/family-tree-demo
but before we head out we’ll be playing the set at MIT’s Act Cube, a little blackbox theater downstairs from the List Visual Arts center, on January 9th. It’ll be the first New Dog show, so come out and pray that we both play the same songs at the same time:
here’s the poster for the tour:
new dog_tour poster_with dates_A3 size

so flattered that sleeping bag inspired a short piece from the very talented Sean Michaels at Said the Gramophone:


“A song that turns over, that shifts in its own shadow, as time goes on. It begins as direct address; it ends in solitary quiet, interwoven guitar. There is a guitar solo like a felled wood. There is movement in the air.

Sleeping bag is an ugly phrase. But is anything more intimate than a shared bedroll? Two cocooned shapes, tall sky, earth that seems to go on forever. Touch and murmur, equilibrium, dew. A closeness that can be too close, or next to too close.

A man in a sleeping bag knows the outside space like he is already in it. He feels the tremors in the air. He feels the dappled light. He feels the wind that passes between grassblades, doorposts, hills.

A song like this, you wonder: what would we do without guitars? How would we show the world?”

really nice review of “Lost Weekend” in the Boston Globe today. thank you, Luke.


“… ‘Dog Bite’ is a largely instrumental track that devolves into static percussion, while ‘Smoking in the Living Room’ glistens with brightly interlocking guitar lines. ‘Do you wanna start a family? You can almost smell the fire. Do you wanna see the flames?’ he asks on the slow-burn bucolic folk of ‘Baltimore,’ sounding both ominous and amorous at once, a pretty close approximation of the record’s overall unsettling affect.”

The first solo record is up for pre-order. You can stream a few tracks and order it at the bandcamp: www.newdog.bandcamp.com. I have a very limited print-run of this one, with some surreal cover art from the artist Vasilios Paspalis.

The reviews aren’t in yet, but one kind blogger writes, “Smoking In The Living Room weaves finger-picked guitars, a simple metronomic beat and tinkling piano into a soft tapestry of sounds that dissipates as quickly as it takes shape. Slow Drifting bounces around a pokey rhythm with a playing style more attuned to acoustic blues before coalescing around some big melodic chords in the song’s final minute… Badalov still possesses great facility in building music centered around an entrancing, meditative core.”

I’m really proud of this one, and hope you’ll enjoy it, too–preferably late at night, in the dark.

Thanks as always for the support.

hey there friends, the new website is up and running. voila. updates:

-Lost Weekend will officially be available on November 26th, 2013. You can order it over at the bandcamp (www.newdog.bandcamp.com).

-Been hard at work practicing the tunes with my buddy James Lynch (on guitar and keys and sampler), and we should be playing around the Boston/NYC/Baltimore area come November/December. Planning on coming to Europe (germany/france/czech republic/poland) in February 2014. Fingers crossed.

-join the mailing list? pretty please.

NEW DOG is on rotation at the Nave Gallery exhibit about Somerville artists and musicians. details:


The Nave Gallery (Somerville, MA) will host a group exhibition From August 10-31 in its annex gallery space in Davis Square. Featuring 12 Somerville-based artists, Entering Somerville showcases art inspired by or created from the people, events and geography taking place in the 4.2 square miles that make up the City of Somerville, MA.

This group exhibition is juried by printmaker Ted Ollier and Brian and Steven Beaucher of Boston Coasters and Wardmaps. The exhibition presents work by Cathy Piantigini, Seth Berkowitz, Grace Durnford, Stan Eichner, Danielle Festa, Pauline Lim, Suzanne Lubeck, Leonardo March, Rachel Mello, Peter Murphy, Catie Nasser, Rachel Strutt and Marshall Zidel.

“Somerville is an interesting mix of many worlds,” Ollier states. “On one hand, it is a hotbed of creativity. From visual art to music to public festivals, this city revels in artistic expression. But there is still something very old-world about it. Maybe it’s the prevalence of yard shrines that hold fast amidst the condo-izing of triple deckers; or the fact that you’ll likely run into your neighbor at a square nearby—no matter how hip it’s become. It’s one of the densest cities in the US, and it still retains a small-town feel. People live here because it strikes a chord. So, why not have a show celebrating it?”

Ollier collaborated with the brothers Beaucher—Brian and Steven—of Boston Coasters and Wardmaps to put on the show. “It was a perfect fit for us,” says Steven Beaucher. Our businesses focus on geography and place and the emotional response that people have to the space they call “home.” Somerville is one of our most sought after subjects. People connect with the city and its people in a very meaningful way.”

Entering Somerville also spotlights the city’s musical talent. A compilation of music from musicians who have influenced the Somerville scene will be played on a loop during the exhibit. The soundtrack features: Abbie Barrett, Audrey Ryan, Banditas, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Dan Blakeslee, The Dents, Faces on Film, Gem Club, Ghost Box Orchestra, Hands and Knees, Magic People, Movers & Shakers, New Dog, Quarterly, Ryan Lee Crosby, Sleepy Very Sleepy, Tim Gearan and the Tony the Bookie Orchestra. Jenn Harrington, a Somerville resident who has produced numerous art exhibitions and events throughout
the city, organized the soundtrack for the show.

An opening reception will take place Friday, August 9, 2013, 6-9:00 pm. 
Nave Gallery Annex, 53 Chester Ave, Somerville, MA 02144
Exhibition Dates and Hours: August 10-August 31, 2013, Wed-Fri 6-8, Sat 2-8, Sun 2-6