another kind and thoughtful review, from boston’s clicky clicky music blog (thank you, jay, as always):

and another one from Czech Republic: (thank you, David; can’t wait to make the debut in Pilsen.) Not sure how much justice this google translate does it, but think of it like poetry:

“NEW DOG – a state of perpetual accomplishment, freedom, idea ideas, virtue, virtues, a story where a person so unimportant in the light of the world, the infinity of thoughts and desires of the corruption becomes abolutní backlash in the story beyond good and evil. NEW DOG snowy landscape hearts, paw prints in the mud and the long journey to the last empty capillaries weak body. Where twilight begins, the last sunset glow disappears below the horizon and on the face of it appears that smile that says that perhaps eternity, only the short eternity I have to wait in agony out there exactly where they were born NEW DOG, where you play Lost Weekend headphone and count the seconds of eternity, for every one point will be added to the wall, each by a simple deleting and starting again. This music sends me home, to the point where my mother hugging me and telling me that I do not have to worry about a place where time stands still touches eternity. Here I’m free, I’m here absolute. If the word is living, the ease with which Anar presents his magnum opus here is the incorporation of all that is on the earth divine, in the sense of me as an absolute divine will.
Who would want to find the facts here:”